Maritime Transport

Service Overview

From LCL and FCL services to the handling of bulk cargo ship,Kokusai Express provides a wide range of maritime transport services.

Based on the global networks and advanced logistics system, Kokusai Express provides international maritime transport & logistics services, which include– sea/air transport, inland transport, warehouse storage, customs clearance, door-to-door services and so others. – for a variety of cargoes including containers and bulk cargoes.

Kokusai Express Kokusai Express : provides maritime transport services that are as precise as air cargo transport. The company handles a variety of items ranging from raw materials to miscellaneous goods for large discount stores as well as, electric appliances and various types of machines.


Full Container LoadFCL)

Kokusai Express provides optimized shipping schedule and customized services based on close cooperation and reliable network connecting the world’s leading shipping and transport companies.

Kokusai Express provides en bloc transport services such as customs clearance, transport and storage for faster and more accurate transport and maximized, convenience forcustomers.

LCL Cargo Tranport

Loading and transporting of multiplesmall cargos from many customers in one container, is called an LCL(less than container load) consolidation cargo.

With a global network connecting agents and select partners from major harbors and logistics strongholds worldwide, Kokusai Express provides optimal consolidation cargo (CONSOL) services. Also, optimal transport routes are developed and offers segmented forwarding services are offered for faster transport in the inland regions.

Bulk/Project Cargo Tranport

With an advanced, step-by-step logistics system, Kokusai Express provides comprehensive services ranging from road survey to installation and assembly for bulk cargo, project cargo, and long length cargo, which cannot be transported in units, with the assistance from its experienced professionals.

import/export procedure of maritime transport

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